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Plexiglass phone holder

November 25th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Quick project that I did just to test out heat-bending  Poly(methyl methacrylate) or as it is more commonly known, Plexiglas.


Not much to say here. I had a holder specific to my old HTC Desire Z. I changed phones recently as the Z started to show its age, a part of the touchscreen not working anymore etc. I had bought the holder before I had access to any tools so it is a shop bought one.  The generic part of the holder is simply a piece of plastic that clips onto a heating vent and includes a ball joint to allow the other part to move to a slight angle.

Now, To make this one, I started off with a small piece of Plexiglas, cut out the side “arms” and the holes for the three screws the smaller ones of which connect it to the existing mount piece and the center one tightens the ball joint between the pieces.

I then took a hot air gun, heated up the arms one by one, then bent them by hand. They are still bendable at a relatively low temperature, so thin gloves were enough insulation and I was able to modify just a single part at a time instead of the whole thing melting. Finally i cut a groove into the bottom part for a charger cable to be able to be inserted to the bottom of the phone while it is in place, and dulled all sharp edges.

Tools used:
Rotary multitool (think dremel but cheaper) with cutting bit, drill bit, sanding bit.
Philips screwdriver
Heat Gun

This was very easy to accomplish, only took about 1,5h from initial draft and measurements on paper to a finished product. A better looking one will be made though, this was just a test piece. Oh and unlike shown on the photo, the screws are normally covered by some electrical tape to prevent scratching the phone and also to keep it in place. the arms keep it from being taken out of the holder via any other direction than upwards, though.


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